Two Different Coaches With Very Similar Tactics

The similarities seem much greater than the differences. The years were 1958 and 2007. The place was Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The situations were the hiring’s of new head coaches following dismal previous seasons for the football programs. The men were Paul Bryant and Nick Saban.

The football programs at the beginning of each tenure were suffering. Mediocre teams were the rule, not the exception. Changes were not only needed, but also demanded. Both hires in 1958 and 2007 were welcomed by all that were involved. A new beginning shortly followed in both era’s but not before the rough starts of both were experienced.

The years 1958 and 2007 both saw little differences from the previous seasons. But at the end of the initial seasons for each man and his respective teams brought changes that would begin record setting improvements for both.

The coaching styles of both Coach Bryant and Coach Saban were eerily similar. Both men not only expected excellence from his players, but demanded it. Both men wanted his player เครดิตฟรีufabet s to be tougher than their opposition. To dominate them, but do it with class.

Coach Bryant would tell his players to go out there, knock them down, then help them back up and tell them you will be right back.

Coach Saban tells his players that when this game is over, I want the other team to be saying I don’t ever want to play that team again.

Coach Bryant was a master at motivating his players. He wanted them to give all that they had plus a little bit more and they would deliver for him. They loved the man and he loved them. He not only taught them about football, but he also taught them about life.

Coach Saban would not allow his players to look past any opponent other than the next one on the schedule. The next one is always the most important one no matter who it was. 24 hours is the maximum amount of time allowed to savor the most recent win before setting their sights on the next opponent.