Text Games – Pacifism in a PvP World

For many, PvP, or Player versus Player combat, may seem daunting or impossible. The skill required in many games to be successful in PvP are too lofty, or perhaps finding the gear needed to succeed takes too much time out of a busy personal schedule to gather what you need. These requirements often dissuade a large number of players from even attempting these games. They don’t try because they feel they would have nothing to offer and would regularly be ’embarrassed’ when faced with combat. Even if the skill to succeed well in combat is lacking, there are many other ways for a player to contribute to a PvP game as a whole.

For instance, becoming a smith might be a viable option for those who don’t like to fight. They can craft the weapons, armor and shields used by fighters and gain fame and fortune. Maybe your character could specialize in jewel crafting, fashioning bonus-granting jewelry to offer to other players. A herbalist (apothecary, alchemist, etc.) could make healing wraps, salves and potions for others to use in their warmongering.

Perhaps sitting just at the edge of the battlefield is more to your liking. Maybe playing a healer (priest, shaman, druid, etc.) would bring excitement to your gaming experience. They could use their abilities to bless, buff, and heal their fellow players to aid in combat situations. In fact, these vip168 types of players are some of the most important players in any game. They have abilities that can extend any giving combat situation far beyond what it normally would last. They can be just as integral as those facing the enemy on the battlefield.

The last group of players out there exists in many, but not all, games in the online gaming genre. They are the politicians, guild masters, and poets of the game. They draft policy within player cities, create rules within the numerous guilds (be they based on profession or a common cause), and craft stories of impossible heroes that accomplish near god-like feats. These may add only flavor, but perhaps in a very role-play immersive game, they might be the reason behind a conflict, armed or peaceful. They may, with their words, cause more damage to an enemy force than any army could.

This list is by no means all inclusive. You might even just accept it as a working list of possibilities within the PvP gaming genre. You need not be one who takes on other players to be a massive success in your gaming world. A little thinking outside of ‘the box’ might be all that is needed to expand your horizons and enrich your online persona. You can move mountains the same as a grandmaster swordsman or a world-renown martial arts master monk. It will just be without lifting a finger in battle.