Why Google Is To SEO As The NCAA Is To College Football

Google’s original mission: “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, making it universally accessible and useful.” The NCAA’s mission: “Our mission is to be an integral part of higher education and to focus on the development of our student-athletes.” Both mission statements could be filed under “altruistic and do no evil.” Public awareness and sentiment towards the NCAA can be described as an avalanche of cynicism. And for individuals and businesses that have livelihoods that depend on the Internet – Google’s recent updates put them in close company with the NCAA. Google began as an entity that organized Web information, but now – and am I absolutely not joking – businesses that rely on the Web need a Google Compliance Officer.

There are many rules that one must now follow simply ติดต่อแทงบอล ufabet to stay in compliance with what Google is saying it wants to see from websites to rank them favorably in search results. So before a business can even address marketing, now they must address compliance issues. And with the recent updates, many website owners who were in compliance years ago are now finding that there websites have lost all their rankings, because Google changed the rules, dramatically changed them. That’s a problem particularly for smaller businesses that lack the resources to address these updates and let’s face it – small business has a hard enough time competing on the Web in the first place.

I hear all this talk that Google rewards sites with “good content.” A LOT of this so-called “good content” is simply a recycling and repackaging of universally obvious information that has been passed around the Internet thousands and thousands of times. Two main areas that come to mind – “How To Get Six Pack Abs” and “Top SEO Tactics” have filled the web redundant content in the name of marketing “good content” to be in compliance with Google.