The Allure of the Premier League

he new English Premier League season is back and beginning to gain momentum. The top tier of English football is arguably the most popular league in the world, in terms of crowds, television audiences and quality of players. Spain’s La Liga division may argue that it has the best football offering in the world, but aside of Barcelona and Real Madrid, La Liga does not compete with the Premiership on several counts.

It is difficult to actually determine just what the actual allure of the Premier League is. Is it the quality of football on offer? Or is it good old fashioned effective marketing from various large brand names? Either way, the Premiership attracts global television audiences in excess of 100 million each week, whilst up to half a million make there way to stadiums across the country to watch the action live. Whatever the formulaufabetมือถือ is to making the Premier League a success, it is clearly working.

The 2008/2009 season will be the Premier League’s 17th since its inauguration in 1992. During this time, the league has only seen four different teams win the title. Manchester United has won it ten times, Arsenal three times; Chelsea twice and Blackburn were the anomaly that upset the dominant trend of the big three when winning in 1995.

Aside of Blackburn’s victory in 1995, the fact that only three teams have ever won the Premier League title makes the division almost like a monopoly amongst an elite of three club, thus making the league less appealing, however, it seems to have quite the contrary affect. Teams below the big three, (or more frequently referred to as the ‘big four’, when Liverpool are included) live in hope of breaking in to that elite group of teams, deemed to be in with a chance of winning the title. It is the optimism and hope of the fans of the league’s other 16 teams that make the Premiership interesting. Whilst the majority of these supporters will appreciate that it is a far flung dream, with many happy just to avoid relegation, the thought of one day being able to challenge at the top end of the table is enough to keep the turnstiles clicking. The appeal of for those fans sat at home and neutrals is merely the battle for the title, played out between the four big guns of the division, hence the coverage that these four receive on television.