Boost Your Brain Power And Memory Over 40!

Frequently my over-40 patients start getting a little anxious when they begin experiencing “brain fog” and forgetting some things like a name, where they put their keys, appointments, if they took their medications, etc. They fear these lapses may be symptoms of Alzheimer or some other brain-disease.

I assure them that, about 95% of the time, most of these memory episodes are not due to some serious brain process. Rather, they are likely due to just the usual memory and cognition (ability to perceive and interpret) changes that start around age 40.

My patients are often surprised, and more hopeful, when I tell them that many of these changes are not permanent and may indicate just fatigue, stress, nutritional deficiencies, or even cognitive “boredom”, meaning your brain is not getting enough stimulation! In fact, you can do a lot to boost brain power and memory and in this newsletter, I’d like to recommend some easy things that will help you do that.

Your Brain: A Complex Data Base

Our brains store an incredible amount of data in them through three types of memory:

Short term/temporary – stores things like a over the counter adderall for sale phone numbers, addresses or where you put your keys. As your brain gets older, you may have to write down or repeat numbers to recall them. Putting your keys in the same place will also help.

Long-term recent – type of memory most affected by aging, holds info like someone’s name you just met, what you did several days ago. Inability to recall names is common.

Long-term remote – memory that stores much older data from your childhood, or what you did on a historical date, is not affected by aging as much. You’ll likely remember what color your childhood bike was than the color of the shirt you wore two days ago!

Boost It Don’t Lose It!

Now, what can you do to boost these three areas of your memory? Here’s what I recommend to my patients:

Diet/Nutrition: You’ve heard that fish is “brain food”, that’s because it contains Omega-3 oils that repair worn out brain cells and preserves all your memory areas. Your brain (and the rest of you) thrives on proteins. Limit simple sugars in your diet. Your brain (and the rest of you) functions better making its own glucose from complex carbohydrates and proteins.